The Foundation of Hearts


How do Maroon Points work?

The calculations for the Fan Rewards Scheme are very simple. For every pound you pledge, we will credit your account with 1.5 Maroon Points. These Points are added to your account on a fixed day each month and you can check them out on your personal dashboard. This shows not only how many Points you have but how close you are to the various rewards.

When you’re getting close to a reward, you will be notified by email. Should you wish to top up your account at any time, you can do that through the GoCardless process (just check out the Your Account page for instructions about this or any amendment you wish to make to your payments.)

How to join the scheme

To join the scheme, you have to be a Foundation of Hearts pledger. You can find out how to pledge – and therefore make yourself eligible for the range of rewards – by clicking here.

Funds from Foundation pledges are funding the club and, as Ann Budge explained at the most recent club AGM, are absolutely vital in keeping the club afloat and allowing it to move ahead after a turbulent recent past. Please consider pledging if you’re not already a member – and doing your bit both to achieve the rewards of this scheme and of seeing our team playing.


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