Foundation of Hearts chairman Brian Cormack today announced that a lifetime supporter of the club who passed away last year at the age of 93 left a bequest of £108,725 which has come – on the instruction of his executors – to the Foundation.

“This was an amazing, heart-warming gesture by this gentleman,” said Brian Cormack. “In his will, he stated that part of his estate was to go to an organisation which promoted the aims and objectives of Heart of Midlothian Football Club, and it was decided by those responsible that his bequest should come to the Foundation of Hearts.

“We should also mention that he requested that this bequest be made anonymously.

“We received the funds on 24 June and are discussing with the club how this legacy might best be used. The entire bequest is, of course, being passed on from us to the club.

“On behalf of all Foundation members, I would like to say how very touched we are by this supporter’s generosity. It means a huge amount to the Foundation and, of course, the club, and is another powerful reminder of the love that supporters have for Hearts and the lengths they go to in order to help the club prosper. We are very grateful.”

From the club, CEO Ann Budge reiterated Brian Cormack’s sentiments.  “This was a truly wonderful gesture from someone who clearly had deep affection for the club and believed in the values on which this club has been built and again aspires to promote and stand by.

 “I would like to extend my very sincere thanks for this bequest. Given its background and its significance, we will take time to establish an appropriate way to make best use of these funds and will make an announcement shortly on this. 

“As Brian has also commented, we are – as ever – astounded by the generosity and commitment of the fans of this club. Thank you.”