The Foundation of Hearts board today backed the club’s decision to make a legal challenge following the vote on reconstruction plans and Hearts’ consequent eviction from the Scottish Premiership. In an email to pledgers, chairman Stuart Wallace wrote:

“Today’s news regarding the reconstruction vote will have come as little surprise to many of you, and that statement in itself reveals much about the belief and confidence we and others have in those who control our game.

“For many years, clubs and supporters have called for change, innovation, and new ways forward in the league structure and the running of our sport, but when it came to the bit, those with power, those alleged leaders in our community, came up very far short.

“Others will draw conclusions from this sorry development (or rather lack of development), which now sees the Scottish football authorities take a unique stance in Europe – a stance which inflicts severe and unjust damage on member clubs at an already critical time. We are heart-sorry for other clubs adversely affected by today’s events – good clubs who have been badly let down over recent weeks. For our part, however, the staggering, mean-spirited, self-interest demonstrated by certain chairmen – whose utter dearth of mettle has been fully exposed – will serve to strengthen our resolve and galvanise our efforts to take this club forward with your continued support.

“As you will be aware, the club has today announced its next steps. The Foundation board wholeheartedly applauds both the excellent statement issued and the commitment to fight today’s decision through the legal route. The club is right to say that it has acted with integrity throughout this affair. It is right, too, to commend the amazing fans who stand by the club, whatever is thrown at us. We know that the current tribulations will only make us stronger as we stand together against injustice.”

He concluded: “No matter the outcome of the legal challenge, it will, as ever, be Always Hearts.”