Although last night’s AGM was a very curtailed event, we were able to announce the result of the recent board election. Louise Strutt was re-elected; Andrew Brown and Gerry Mallon were elected. We’d like to congratulate those elected and thank Brian Muir and Graham Robertson for standing. An amazing 46% of the members voted and we are very grateful to all who participated – thank you.

In addition to the announcement regarding the board members, the appointment of Garry Halliday as our new director of member affairs was confirmed (following approval of the amendments to our articles of association) at the AGM. This is an honorary director post and Garry will report to the FoH board.

As mentioned in the email that went out to pledgers ahead of the changed arrangements for the AGM, it was very unfortunate that we were unable to hold an in-person meeting with the usual agenda. To compensate for that, it is our intention to organise a meeting for members just as soon as possible (hopefully before the end of January) which will cover those elements of the proceedings which were not part of Thursday’s meeting. This will include the presentations and Q&A session which are, of course, important parts of our engagement with members.