With the Foundation setting ambitious new targets as it moves into a new phase of its development, a priority has been to dismantle any barriers which may prevent fans from becoming owners. To that end, there has been a focus on what is one of the most significant elements in how we work with our members and other Hearts fans, namely the upgrading of our website and our overall digital presence – and the culmination of that extensive project is the launch today of our new website and broader technology platform..

“With improved technology,” said Foundation chairman Gerry Mallon, “we can communicate more effectively with the Hearts fan base and we can ensure that the pledging experience is simpler for members to update and manage.

“More than that, we can reach a wider community, obtain better feedback from Foundation members, put in place details of new initiatives, and target our messaging to specific sections of the fan base. Many supporters will have seen that the club has moved all of its digital platforms in recent months and our work on the technology update brings us in line with this move. This includes a new mobile version of the website content so owners can manage pledges and get access to information from the Foundation on the go - something that was not available previously.

“Through the new technology, we can also create integration with other systems, for example, linking season ticket holders to their club accounts. We are now able to link social networks and feeds back to the pledging platforms so that owners have a single place to find out about new activities and provide more direct feedback.”

New authentication techniques connected to email and/or mobile numbers will mean improved security levels on the site, while the Foundation has also moved its cash collection platform to provide broader reach and flexibility. International pledgers are now able to pledge in local currency and no longer require a UK bank account - and pledgers will be able to use the same purchasing profile with that used for the club. 

“This project is a massive step forward for the Foundation and all members, creating increased inclusion, bringing more inspiration to and engagement with owners, and improving the reliability, security, and capabilities as we look to reach out and seek feedback,” said Gerry Mallon. “I am very grateful to my board colleague Andrew Brown, who has led on this initiative, and everyone associated with the project for their outstanding work.”