Foundation chairman updates pledgers


Foundation chairman updates pledgers

Foundation chairman Stuart Wallace today (11 May 2020) emailed pledgers to update them following the events of the past few days. He wrote:

“I am writing to you to keep you up-to-date with the board’s position following recent developments. We have commented previously on the incompetence of the governing body regarding the infamous 10 April vote. This failing has, in our opinion, been compounded by a shambolic approach to governance, a wilful abandonment of a basic principle of the guardians of a membership organisation (namely a resolve to act with a duty of care for all its members), a depressing dearth of leadership at a time of crisis, an arrogant ‘our way or no way’ approach, lack of any respect or contrition, and abysmal communications. Scottish football is now widely regarded as a laughing stock, and fans deserve much, much better.

“On Friday, we heard the news that the reconstruction talks had been torpedoed by a group of six clubs who are currently in the Premier League – and this before they had received the written proposals which were being developed by the task force. It is as depressing as the attitude of the governing body that these clubs used the pandemic crisis to destroy any potential for progress for our game, stating that this was not the time to be looking at change or something new. We disagree. The Foundation of Hearts stands as a powerful example of how and why a crisis is exactly the time for imaginative thinking. At a moment when the situation could not possibly have been more challenging for our club, a group of fans, criticised by many doubters and nay-sayers, dared to think differently, to embrace change, to come up with an innovative plan, and to make it happen. Being bold in thought and action did not distract: it brought results.

“It is worth reflecting, too, that while on-field rivalries are the lifeblood of the game, we have also held to a principle that supporting others in our sport was the right thing to do and that it could contribute to the wider strength of our football community. For our part, we have been active in talking to fans’ groups from many clubs, outlining our strategies and offering advice. This has included clubs in the Premier League.

“From now, though, our unwavering focus will be to continue to deliver total support on behalf of Heart of Midlothian. First, we will back wholeheartedly the option of the club exploring further action should we indeed be expelled from the Premier League. And secondly, we will continue to take the message to supporters that – even more so now – the Foundation of Hearts is the envy of every other club in Scotland (and well beyond).

“Once again, through no fault of the fans, we are in a situation that feels close to being under siege. We urge everyone to stay strong and prove yet again that we have the right principles, the enduring commitment, and the sheer bloody-mindedness to ensure that our club prospers no matter what is thrown at us.”

He concluded:
“It may be that not all clubs will survive this crisis. Thanks to you, Hearts will.”